welcome to my site and thanks for visiting ☻
here's a little bit more about me

my name is meghan hricak – my last name is pronounced like
(ree-chak) and originates from czechoslavakia.
i am a philadelphia-based graphic designer based out of i graduated from westphal college of media arts and design (drexel university, philadelphia) with a major in graphic design, and minors in marketing and fine arts.

i love the problem-solving side of design just as much as the creative side and i deeply value any project that allows me to create things using physical mediums... such as collaging - a pandemic era hobby that i became obsessed with. check some of my personal collages out here.

my areas of interest and specialty include (but are not limited to): publication design, branding, image-making and editing, web/social media collateral creation + more! 

feel free to follow my instagram @meghanhricak to keep up with any personal projects that i've been working on!
p.s i am in the process of re-modeling and updating my portfolio to better reflect my personality, design style and improve the user experience. please enjoy this site in the interim! 
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